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International Computer Music Association


Board of directors

ICMA Officers

Tom Erbe   website
Vice President for Membership
Michael Gurevich   
Vice President for Conferences
Margaret Schedel
Vice President for Asia/Oceania
Lonce Wyse 
Vice President for the Americas
Eric Honour 
Vice President for Europe
Stefania Serafin 
Vice President for Preservation
Tae Hong Park 
Chryssie Nanou
Publications Coordinator
Rob Hamilton   website
Research Coordinator
Rebecca Fiebrink 
Music Coordinator
PerMagnus Lindborg 
Array Editor
Christopher Haworth 

ICMA Board of Directors 2014

At-Large Directors
Richard Dudas
Tom Erbe  website
Chryssie Nanou
Tae Hong Park

Americas Regional Directors
Eric Honour 
Patricio de la Cuadra

Asia/Oceania Regional Directors
Seongah Shin
Lonce Wyse

Europe Regional Directors
Stefania Serafin website
Arshia Cont 


Non-elected officers

ICMA Administrative Assistant
Sandra Neal
DeVera Long